Access scaffolding is extremely crucial when it comes to creating access systems that are temporary, for both workmen and pedestrians.
Depending on your project, the load bearing capacities and geometry may vary from one project to the next. The following are some types of access scaffoldings that we deal with:

– Public places temporary access
– Stair towers

Public places temporary access
These types of accesses are crucial to ensure that members of the public are safe should they happen to be around your construction site. We make the following types of access scaffolding;

– Ramps
– Footbridges
– Public staircases
– Platforms

Stair towers:
We construct stair towers to allow easy access vertically to reach high working platforms. Without stair towers, it would be impossible to get to work on roofs or floors of a tall building.
The workers would have to use ladders which are unsafe because they are prone to slipping and sliding.